Five Unusual Ways to Land Your Dream Job …

By Chris Sharp

Applying for jobs can drive us nuts at times. You research the company, tweak your CV and write a stunning cover letter – then you wait. Sometimes you will receive a response, sometimes not. The competition for jobs, especially creative positions, is fierce. But it’s not quite time to give up on your dream just yet, perhaps you just need to employ a more unusual approach.

Here are just a few creative ways some jobseekers have used to land their ideal position, but don’t limit yourself – almost any creative talent could be used to help you stand out from the crowd.

  1. Creative Direct Mail

You may have been told by a careers advisor before that the best way to stand out is to make your application memorable. Including photo or carefully designed CV may well work, but if you really want to be memorable you could try a tactic used in marketing: direct mail.

The idea behind direct mail is to tailor both your message and your presentation to your audience, in this case your prospective employer. Want to be a chef? Why not include a recipe of your signature dish? You could even present your application in a stylish menu-style pamphlet.

  1. Advertise Yourself

This might not sound an entirely original idea, after all people have been advertising their services since the birth of language. But with so many modern advertising channels available to everyone there is more advertising opportunity than ever.

There is a great example of a Galway graduate who was considering emigrating to find a job. He rented a billboard with an eye-catching advert asking for a job. Within weeks he had several interviews and had landed a position at Paddy Power.


Then there is Alec Brownstein who used targeted online pay-per-click advertising to target the executives of companies he wanted to work for. He landed a number of interviews and, after not too long, his dream job.

Not all advertising solutions have to cost money either. There is the story of the guy from Dallas who wore a sandwich board reading “Brand new, hardworking MBA needs work!” on a busy corner during rush hour. He had a job by lunch.

  1. Put Yourself on YouTube

Everyone loves a good video clip, so where better to get yourself seen than the world’s most watched video library? Whether you’re a young amateur singer called Justin Bieber or a jobseeker from Derby, YouTube videos can be a great way of getting noticed.

Take Greame Anthony, who successfully found full-time work after creating an interactive YouTube CV.

  1. Take to the Web

Whatever your dream career the web can help you catch it. Whether you write a blog about your dream career, create a stunning website to show off your skills, or use a custom page to display your graphics portfolio, the web has a lot of scope for making it your own. Buy yourself a memorable domain name and get creative.

  1. The Reverse Job Application

Seeking your ideal job? Why not ask for it? That’s exactly what Andrew Horner, a young graduate in the USA did. He created a reverse application web page that asked companies to apply for him. It wasn’t too long before Andrew was busy with interviews and landed a job at an awesome start-up.

These weird and wonderful approaches worked for some, but they won’t work for everyone. Regardless of how you spin your talents to get a job, the key to standing out is always to be genuine and original. Even a little bit of flair in your CV or cover letter could help.

Where next?

Not sure where to start? Why not try one of these handy career tools or find some useful CV tips.

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