Monster Jobs – Truly Terrifying or Scarily Good?

Searching for job vacancies online can be a daunting task. The first step on your journey to finding employment online is likely to be one of the major search engines but with so many job search sites out there, how do you choose the right one for you?

In this article, we’ve reviewed the job search giant, Monster, in a bid to discover what the site can offer job-seekers today.


Targeted job searches

Founded in 1999, Monster has risen to become the largest online employment service in the world. The site offers a wealth of free online careers services, ranging from a job search engine to CV advice, a Virtual Job Interview tool and a one-step Salary Calculator.

Candidates on Monster are able to shortlist jobs they find in their search – an ideal way to avoid the temptation of the ‘one click application’ process that many online careers services encourage. Recent figures indicate that for every UK job, there are around 23 applicants. The figure rises dramatically for competitive sectors such as retail, customer service and administration, and the graduate jobs market fares worst of all.

Short-listing the jobs you’re really interested in and setting aside time to create targeted applications for each one will help you to gain an edge over one-click applicants.

The biggest…and best?

In terms of sheer size, Monster certainly has an edge over many of its competitors. The site claims to have over a million jobs and the same number of CVs at any one time – a distinct advantage if you’re the kind of person that likes to treat job-hunting as a bit of a numbers game.

By filling out your online jobs profile, uploading a well written CV and setting your account to searchable by all, you can increase the chances of getting spotted by employers and recruitment agencies alike.

While this kind of job search might return less targeted results, it’s a good approach for job-seekers who have suitable skills for a range of positions, or who aren’t sure where their next career move might take them.

Public sector and government jobs

For candidates looking for public sector and Government jobs, Monster can be a bit of a mixed bag. Although the site does offer candidates the option of searching by industry or employer, and boasts a dedicated Public Sector and Government Jobs search engine, results are limited. A quick search for jobs in the NHS, the UK’s number one graduate employer in 2011-12, showed up just six results, while a search for jobs in the education sector returned only 20. While these numbers will always fluctuate, they don’t seem to compete with specialised job sites.

Social media savvy

With the launch of its BeKnown app for Facebook, Monster is living up to its promise to drive innovation on the online job search market. The app, which has around 240,000 monthly users, has successfully expanded Monster’s range of job search services to Facebook users, who can now synch their account with Monster and search for jobs without ever venturing away from the social media network. While not ideal for every job-seeker, the app represents Monster’s commitment to responding to the needs of its users and holding on to its lead in the online careers market.

Starting out on the right foot

With such a large number of jobs available across such a wide platform, Monster is a good starting point for job-seekers looking to make their next career move. While not perfect – and let’s face it, there is no perfect! – the site is one of the best general job search engines available online.

Where next?

You may not be quite ready to go trawling through thousands of jobs just yet. For some free advice try:

The National Careers Service – an impartial government organisation offering free advice to all.

Student Gems – a service providing free advice for students and recent graduates


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