Reed – the UK’s No. 1 Jobs Site?

The company’s new ‘Love Mondays’ advert shows an intergalactic crew of recruitment agents transforming the lives of miserable workers by finding them the perfect job. But is Reed really out of this world or do job seekers wish it would just blast off?


An oldie but goodie

Launched in 1995, was the first job search website to be offered by a UK recruitment agency. Since that time, the site has grown to become the UK’s most popular careers sites and now features over 120,000 jobs from over 10,000 recruiters.

The site, while perhaps not quite as dynamic as some of the larger job search engines, is a reliable place to start your online job search. The landing page is clear, attractive and instantly accessible, and allows visitors to search for UK jobs by a number of criteria. And, as well as being able to search for jobs by keyword, location, sector or recruiter, job-seekers can also browse for a specific kind of role, such as temporary jobs, or jobs with an immediate start or more highly paid jobs.

Quick and easy job search

One of the major plus sides to is its accessibility for non-registered members – if you’ve got a spare five minutes and you just want to do a quick online job search, is a good jobs site to browse.

While you do have to register with the site in order to apply for jobs online, full job descriptions are available to non-registered members.

Registering on does have a number of benefits for job-seekers. Like many of the other general job search engine sites, allows users to build and store CVs online, and to make these searchable by recruiters across the website – a great way to get yourself out on the job market.

More than just a job search engine is split into three main areas that are essentially separate from one another: jobs, courses and careers advice. And while the subjects themselves won’t win any awards for originality, the quality of the content is consistently good and each area of the site is visually appealing and easy to use.

Much like the site’s job section,’s Courses section features a full search facility, allowing visitors to search for training and education courses by subject, type of study (distance learning, online and classroom based) and certification body.

Site users are also able to access a wide range of careers advice and tools on the Career Advice section of the website, which includes a range of articles and advice on careers, as well as a number of interactive job-seeker tools, such as a Salary Checker, CV Builder and Tax Calculator.

Some of the apps are more intuitive than others, and there are a few sneaky adverts dotted around, but the site itself is easy to navigate and full of information that job-seekers will find easily digestible.

Easy as 1, 2, 3…

One of the biggest selling points for is the site’s simplicity. While it can’t compete with international recruitment giants like Totaljobs or Monster on the quantity of jobs available (over a million at any one time, according to Monster!), the site delivers a clean, easy job search and helpful careers advice in a no-nonsense way. Whether the site is really the UK’s number one remains to be seen – some of the services are a little no-frills and there’s a big difference in the number of jobs available in different regions and sectors – but it’s definitely playing to its strengths.

A good starting point for every job-seeker

Where next?

You may not be quite ready to go trawling through thousands of jobs just yet. For some free advice try:

The National Careers Service – an impartial government organisation offering free advice to all.

Student Gems – a service providing free advice for students and recent graduates


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