Careers advice on the go

The National Careers Service, a free advice service for learning, training and work opportunities, has just launched a new mobile site for careers advice on the go.

But there are new apps and mobile sites coming out all the time, so is this new mobile site from the National Careers Service just another gimmick or is it actually useful to job seekers?

Well we thought we would put it to the test. Here’s what we found…

The main page is displayed with attractive colourful tiles representing each section, so information is easily accessed at the tap of a finger.

The case studies section is great for job seekers who are not sure what is the best journey into work or training. It helps provide some first-hand experience of how to start towards your dream job from people who have been through similar challenges.

For those who are not even sure what their dream career could be, the National Career Service mobile site has job profiles for everything from horse groom to barrister. These are a great way of finding out what the role entails, as well as how to qualify, your job prospects and pay expectations.

In our experience, very few sites have the range of features in their toolkits as the National Careers Service’s mobile site does and the best part about the service is that it is completely free!

Overall, the mobile site is a useful resource, particularly for students and people on the go. The guidance on training, apprenticeships, networking and jobs seems almost endless. And if the mobile site doesn’t cover all of your questions, you can always call the National Careers Service simply by clicking the telephone icon at the top of the page. If you’re calling from a mobile they will even call you back to save you the phone bill.

Have you used the National Careers Service? We’d like to find out what you think – visit our Facebook page or drop us a message on Twitter with your thoughts.

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