So where did my interview go wrong?

Guest post by Get Real Video

The amazing thing about interviews is that it’s almost irrelevant the position you are trying for, virtually the same questions will come up every time. If you haven’t really prepared for these questions, your answers may say to the interviewer that maybe you’re not serious about the job.

So what questions are likely to come up?

One of the most frequently asked questions in interviews is “Tell me about yourself” and getting your answer wrong can be lethal.  There’s no guarantee you’ll be interviewed by a great interviewer. Some people are brilliant at their jobs but lousy interviewers!  Often they dread it more than you.

The format suggested below gives you the opportunity to tell the interviewer some things about yourself that are really relevant to the position but which they might not actually ask you. Practice this format until it sounds unrehearsed, having it ready will give you great confidence. We call it “the two minute chat”.

(Note: It can be a good idea to pause between each point to give your interviewer the chance to delve deeper if they want to.)

Introduce yourself … giving your name and brief education history.

Then, my career so far includes … any work either paid or unpaid, up until the point where you say most recently I, and tell them your current situation.

I believe my biggest achievements have been … a couple of examples of you using your skills and making a difference.

I think my biggest strengths are … a few proven skills that you could tell a short story about if asked.

My weakness is … talk honestly about a weakness which you are actively trying to improve.

I really enjoy… a few more things you are good at, for instance,

“I really enjoy working with a bright creative team”.

In my spare time … talk briefly about your interests. It may be that you and the interviewer have something in common which could forge a useful connection, but don’t go for anything wild like naked mud wrestling just to impress.

Close with and what I’m looking for now is… an answer tailored to fit the job description. Add in some general points about looking forward to coming into work, making a difference, and feeling valued as well though.

What the interviewer is looking for is a coherent story that provides indications that you’re the right fit for the job – do you have the skills they need and will you be someone they want to sit with all day?

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