A mobile revolution for jobseekers

Looking for a job is never likely to be a walk in the park (unless there is a recruitment day in your local park, that is).

The key question is always about where to look: do we ask around and hand in CVs to our local employers; do we ask friends with the hope of getting a foot in the door at their work; do we rely on the Jobcentre alone?

Or, do we spend the days online looking at jobs websites, sending online applications and listening carefully for murmurs of vacancies on Twitter?

The fact is that while most of us are unemployed or seeking a new job, the prospect rarely leaves our minds.

But, with the rise of mobile technology and with a smartphone in almost every pocket, jobseekers are not wasting a moment to catch job opportunities and advice, no matter where they are and at what hour of the day.

Now you can update your CV in the bath, learn about new career opportunities on the bus, sign up for new job alerts on the walk to a friend’s house, or even browse jobs whilst watching TV.

Jobseekers and mobile technology

It is interesting to look at Jobsite’s new infographic – The Growing Impact of Mobile on the Job Hunt.

A recent survey by Jobsite found that one out of three jobseekers are applying for jobs with their mobiles.

According to Jobsite this is the highest number to date.

Overall, one in five job searches are done on a mobile phone so the jobseekers use of mobile technology has never been more prominent.

So how exactly are jobseekers using mobile technology to help them in their search?

  • 62% are browsing for jobs
  • 19% are enquiring about the salary of different jobs
  • 27% are signing up for email alerts about new positions
  • 45% are finding out about an employer

Most importantly, the consensus is that 70% of candidates want to be able to apply for a job using a mobile device.

The rise of mobile jobseeking services

You may have noticed – and have hopefully taken advantage of – many new mobile job seeking services and apps that have been appearing.

The most recent is the mobile site from the National Careers Service.

Exclusive to mobile and tablets and entirely free from advertising, the NCS mobile site provides careers advice, job opportunities, careers events and a plethora of other careers tools on the go.

So, from low-downs of different careers, to text and audio advice on how to fine-tune your CV and get through the very interview, it has never been easier to have all the job seeking tools you need, right in your pocket.

Have you used any jobseeking services for mobiles?  How has this affected your day-to-day sob search?

We’d love to know how mobile technology is aiding job seeking, so please let us know your thoughts in a comment below, on Facebook or on Twitter.


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