Seasonal Work – Are You Ready For Summer?

Remember that feeling when the university term finally ends for a sizeable summer break?  While it seems to take an age to come around, it feels pretty incredible to survive the perils of exams, essays and other coursework for several months of reduced responsibility.

However, not all of us can do literally nothing all summer.  No – there is rent to pay, bills to cover, festivals to attend and celebrating to be done – but these luxuries do not come cheap.

This is why most students cannot survive on a mere student loan over the summer, and even if they can they know that they will have to pay it back eventually!

The best way to facilitate an awesome summer is, of course, with a summer job or placement.

Deciding between the two depends on what career strategy you are using.

You might simply be seeking cash for summer, so a relaxing summer job might be the best thing. Alternatively, if you are financially secure, then you might be seeking a work placement to keep your career path moving.

Whatever route you plan to take, the best advantage you can give yourself is securing a position before the break begins.

Sending in job applications, CVs and cover letters to companies you would like to work with before the summer begins gives you a colossal advantage, as most businesses will have to sift through endless CVs when the summer season begins – and everyone has realised that they need a job at the same time.

So if you are thinking about a summer job, then take the time to update your CV now to  make sure that it is at its best. If you haven’t already, you should also launch a solid LinkedIn profile and start looking around your local community to see what jobs may be available.

From asking at local shops and restaurants, to your student union bar and students associations, there is bound to be a job you can take on if you look in advance.  Remember that your university can be a great help in finding jobs both on and offcampus.

(Top tip – If there is an un-missable festival this year, then apply to work there and score a free ticket to avoid tapping all your funds!)

Of course, using social media such as Twitter tofollow companies and jobseeking services in your area, will give you the upper hand when vacancies pop up.

There are more and more mobile services for jobseekers popping up all the time too, as we explained in our last blog.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a summer placement to advance your career prospects, then now is the time to assess what skills you have, what skills you would like to develop, and what position is likely to contribute to your long-term plans.

After looking at the different firms and organisations that you would like to work with, cater your CV towards them and begin writing cover letters to express exactly why you would like to work there and what skills you can bring to the table.

Of course, the true best way to find yourself a job is by networking with the right people.  Keep your ears open, form relationships and social media connections with people in your chosen industry and before you know it, a job position will come out of the blue.

What are your plans for summer work?  Why not leave us a comment below, read more advice and reviews to help you in your summer search, or connect with us on Twitter for daily job vacancies from around the UK and Facebook for all the latest news and advice.

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