Using Your Online Time Wisely

You will almost certainly be reading this online – or at least have sourced it from the internet.  That means that you have access to unlimited information and are in theory connected to the rest of the world.

So why can it be so hard to find someone – just one person – to give you a job?

Well, it seems that as boundless as the web may be for information and opportunities, there are too many distractions of videos, memes and social networks that really limit our productive time.

In theory, we could be learning the best of human knowledge about the universe and the conception of human kind, but realistically we’re learning what our friends had for lunch on Facebook and watching goats scream just like humans on YouTube.

How then do we make the online world more productive and the time spent living in it beneficial?

One might tell you to limit your social media presence, but it can simply be altered to provide you with more useful information.

If you are truly serious about seeking a job then will already have a LinkedIn account- and if you don’t, then have a read of our last article to set up a profile of your strict professional online persona.

So that leaves the standard two which are bound to take up days of your time: Facebook and Twitter.

You may have heard about us through these two social network channels.

In fact, it’s likely you already follow us on our pages (if not – what are you waiting for?). Be sure to follow similar organisations such as The Student Room, Student Gems, VInspired to fill up your news feed with information that will help you in your job search, rather than merely amuse you!

More importantly are the organisations that can help you directly such as the Jobcentre, The National Careers Service and Monster.  Follow them on Facebook and Twitter to see job opportunities and advice pop up in real time.

Also, did you know that you can edit your Facebook feeds to change what you see from the people you are ‘friends’ with or the organisations that you ‘like’?

You can choose exactly what you need to see – so if you want every opportunity to get a job ,then follow all the jobseeker services and advice gurus in the UK for the latest advice and opportunities. You could also seek out the online profiles of local employers in your area – don’t be afraid to engage in some online discussion as this can really boost your profile in the minds of potential employers

If you are not prepared to make your Facebook or Twitter accounts too work-focused, then make some alternate profiles just for career prospects.

However, make sure that your regular accounts do not make you look unemployable as employers may look at them to get a character profile.

So hopefully all your pictures and posts don’t portray you to be constantly legless, or hopefully your profile is set to private.

This may sound like an outlandish mission to revamp your online world, but commitment WILL pay off, if you have the willpower to do it.

And remember one thing: once you have a job, your leisure time online can return – without guilt – to looking at salads on Instagram, memes on Facebook, @InaneChatter on Twitter and whatever the hell will succeed the Harlem Shake on Youtube.  Enjoy!

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