Join The Digital Marketing Boom

As the digital industry is growing at a rapid pace and constantly evolving, an extremely popular sector is online and digital marketing. Traditional marketing and advertising agencies have turned to digital marketing as the internet becomes the hub of interaction with potential customers and clients.

In a nutshell, online and digital marketing is the promotion of a product, service or company over the internet and making people aware of it.

There are many types of digital marketing, all of which come together to help marketers promote their brand to the best of their ability, which is what makes the sector one of the most important areas in the digital industry.

Paid advertising is a large part of the job, and includes things like digital advertising and PPC (pay-per-click), which is where a website owner pays a search engine a set fee every time someone clicks through to their site from a keyword advert.

Another type of digital marketing is search marketing, including SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing), which is the process of raising a website’s visibility and rankings in search engine results pages like Google and Bing.

Content marketing is also vital in this role, which requires the marketer to have the ability to use social media, e-mail and affiliate marketing which includes getting referrals from other websites to increase traffic.

Overall, the main aim of any online marketer is to increase a company’s online reputation which will ultimately drive potential customers or clients to their website and increase revenue.

What skills will I need?

To get a digital marketing job, you must be proficient in a variety of online skills as the role demands knowledge of several aspects of online marketing. Just being good at PPC or social media won’t cut it in this industry.

You must be able to demonstrate a range of experience, knowledge and skills on your CV to land an interview for a role in this incredibly competitive sector.

Every employer will want someone who can write engaging copy and promote it to the right audience effectively and creatively.

Learning the basics of SEO would be a major plus in landing the job, and you must be up to date with the latest Google algorithm updates and best practice.

But it doesn’t stop there! Being able to use a variety of social media platforms is vital as social becomes one of the most effective forms of advertising these days and is constantly changing.

There are lots of opportunities to jump onto the digital marketing bandwagon at entry-level, but you need to decide whether you’d want to work in-house for one brand or for an agency with a portfolio of clients who need your skills and knowledge.

As long as you have knowledge of different marketing strategies and an impressive skill set with a desire to get the most out of online marketing, a job in this sector could be yours!

Check out the video below from Bubble Jobs which explains how you can land that dream online and digital marketing job!

Thanks to Lauren from Bubble Jobs for writing this article!


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