How to get a job in customer insights

Every company needs to know its customers inside out, which is what makes Customer Insights jobs so important in the digital industry.

Nosy and inquisitive people will do really well in these in-demand roles, with companies needing a fresh and detailed insight into their customer behaviour more than ever before.

Customer Insights is all to do with collecting, deploying and interpreting customer information to help a brand find new customers, develop relationships and keep them. In a nutshell, the job is all about collating loads of data and analysing it to learn more about your customers’ purchasing behaviour and applying that to the business strategy to increase revenue.

Customer insights, are you listening?

Customer insights, are you listening?

The Customer Insights people at a company are like the psychics, they look at what customers are doing now, and predict what they’ll do in the future – but with lots of data and stats to back it up.

Insights employees have a huge amount of responsibility, as they need to make business suggestions and work with solution experts to come up with the best strategy for that particular business and its goals – whether that is increased visitor levels, profit or conversion rates.

There’s loads of ways Insight Managers can analyse their data – from impact assessment, to propensity modelling, cross-sell analysis to critical lag – it all sounds really complicated, but the main aim is to keep the customers coming back to the brand for more!

Using things like customer surveys, polls, web analytics and affiliates, Insight managers get all this info together, trying to discover the who, what, why, where and when elements of the customer journey.

This is a really competitive sector as analytical and technical roles are being snapped up fast in the digital sector, so you will need a fair bit of experience working with business intelligence systems and web analytics programs. A passion for using data to make business decisions is vital, because that’s what the job is all about. There’s no use going for this job if you’re not happy staring at data all day.

Employers look for proof of experience working within a retailer, FMCG or consultancy setting on candidate’s CVs along with experience of applying customer insight to strategies.

Key skills that anyone wanting to get into a Customer Insights role are knowledge of things such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript and knowledge of internet architecture and database structures.

If you are going for an Insights Manager position, it goes without saying that some sort of management experience will be key, whether it’s working with stakeholders or managing clients.

Being naturally nosy and a good problem-solver will stand you in good stead in Customer Insights, along with fantastic presentation and communication skills as you will have to present your data on a regular basis to senior execs and make recommendations to clients.

Check out our video on how to get a Customer Insights job for a short round up of everything in this article:


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