The secrets to being hired using the hidden jobs market – Part 2 [Video]

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The hidden jobs market is as much about applying directly to companies’ you’d like to work for as it is about using your network. In today’s job market, a high percentage of jobs will never reach to open market.

The most effective way to get the job you want is to think like an employer. Your potential new boss has problems that you could solve so it’s up to you to position yourself as the solution when applying to companies direct. In our previous video on the hidden jobs market we talked about you being your own marketing manager. When applying directly to companies you need to think of yourself as a one man business.

People who follow this process have a much higher chance of being hired by a company they really want than those who don’t.

If you missed our video on part 1 of the hidden jobs market showing you how to use your network to find a new job watch it now!

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