Using A Recruitment Agency

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First a little inside info

Recruitment agencies are paid by businesses (clients) to find them employees.  Assignments can range from temporary holiday staff to company CEO’s and everything in between.

Businesses engage recruitment agencies for a number of reasons:

  • Time saving
  • Expertise
  • Ability to find passive candidates
  • In-depth knowledge of a particular sector
  • Broader access to job boards and CV databases
  • Expert knowledge of the recruitment process
  • Someone to act as the middleman during contract negotiations
  • Pre-screening of candidates

Using a recruiter

Connecting with and striking up a relationship with a consultant is imperative to any job seeker.  When you consider that up to 90% of all advertised jobs are posted by recruitment consultancies you begin to realise the huge advantage you could have by building a relationship with a suitable consultant. Whether you’re unemployed or in gainful employment, you can use a recruiter at any stage of your career.

Finding the right recruiter

Agencies come in all shapes and sizes and many will specialise in a particular area.  If you are looking to enter a specific industry or work in a certain discipline then there is an agency that can cater for your needs.

Start by doing a bit of research, make a note of consultancies who work on roles you are interested in and contact them directly (you don’t have to apply for a specific role).

Getting in touch

Pick up the phone or email them and introduce yourself. Suggest meeting them face to face to try and build a bit of rapport.  Making regular contact with your recruiter will ensure that they consider you for all the suitable roles that they get through.  It might not happen immediately but if you have a network of 5 recruiters who you keep in contact with you will find that they present you with a steady stream of relevant positions.

How to make the most of your recruiter

The best way to use recruiters is by being proactive not reactive.  Be clear about what you are looking for and what you won’t consider, give them detailed salary guidelines, let them know the type of companies you will consider and those you definitely won’t work for.

Your recruiter should reciprocate by contacting you with qualified opportunities that fit your criteria.  They should have a solid relationship with their client and be able to give you sound interview advice.

They can also offer you industry and CV advice and will be able to let you know if your salary expectations are too high or low, if your career aspirations are achievable or if they know of an opportunity on the horizon that might be suitable for you.  They also work on numerous jobs that are never advertised.

Like any profession you will find that some are much better than others, the good ones will improve your career prospects considerably.

Use Seevee to find the agency that suits your industry and discipline, connect with one of their consultants, let them know what you are looking for and keep in contact with them.


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