Dress To Impress: What To Wear To A Job Interview

When you first meet a potential employer in an interview setting, there is one factor you will be assessed on which will contribute to their final decision – to hire, or not to hire. The question: ‘What shall I wear to my job interview?’ has passed so many lips and crossed so many minds – it is certainly worthy of a blog post to help the nation get it right and steer themselves onto the correct path to career progression.

First impressions are everything so it’s essential to get your attire faultless before you start racking your brain to answer those all-important interview questions. Who do you think would make the better first impression at a job interview: someone dressed in a t-shirt, jeans and trainers, or someone distinctly suited and booted? It’s not rocket science and I sincerely hope you believe it to be the latter.

You could also quite rightly argue, it all depends on what kind of company or role you’ll be entering into. If you’re applying for a position at a law firm or accounting company, it’s fair to say you will need to look your finest. Please have your suit, tie and most dazzling shoes at the ready! On the other hand, you may be applying for a position at a web design company or tattoo parlour who may encourage or be more relaxed about letting your personality shine through. In which case it may be acceptable to leave the suit jacket at home in favour of a shirt and tie with a quirkier touch.

If you’re really unsure of how to dress on the day, check with the interview organiser and they’ll be able to let you know what the interviewer will be looking for. More information about the standard professional attire for men and women can be found below.


  • Conventional suit
  • Long-sleeved shirt (Not too flamboyant!)
  • Conventional tie
  • Dark professional shoes
  • Dark socks
  • Neatly presented hairstyle
  • A limited amount of bling


  • Skirt or trouser suit (Skirt – not too short, ladies!)
  • Conventional blouse (nothing too revealing – you don’t want to witness your interviewer feeling uncomfortable and not knowing where to look!)
  • Skin coloured or black tights
  • Professional shoes
  • Neat hairstyle
  • Limited jewellery

In reality, it all boils down to common sense when faced with the predicament of interview dress codes. Your interviewer will be searching for someone who looks the part and knows how to present themselves. Do your research and check out what kind of office attire is accepted at the company, so you can be seen as an easy fit when your interview date comes around. If the company allows shorts and t-shirts around the office – then it’s safe to say you can adopt a more casual look. If you find the office embraces the professional vibe with employees dressed to impress – get that suit to the dry cleaners!

Above all, make sure you’re neatly presented, shoes polished and hair combed. However the company chooses to present their employees, be sure to follow suit (no pun intended) and reassure the interviewer you’re a perfect fit for the role.

Karly is a freelance copywriter writing for Computer Recruiter, an IT recruitment agency based in Cardiff, South Wales. For more information and for our latest vacancies, please visit our website: www.computerrecruiter.co.uk

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