Job Seeking In The United Kingdom From Another Country

JobsearchFinding a job in a foreign country is a difficult task, not only are there often issues with the language barrier but in tough economic times such as now in the UK there is increased pressure on companies to hire existing nationals. It does however also work in the job seekers favour as businesses feel they can pay less for foreign workers, unfortunately this is the case on the whole but it means you are able to stand out from the crowd instantly as an attractive proposition.

Modern technology helps job seekers massively, in the past someone would have to visit the country in person on a holiday to try and search for the job and go for interviews. Now all job searches can be done using official government websites such as the Job Finder page, applications can then be done via email/uploading your CV directly to company’s websites. Should you get through to the interview process you will often then be required to participate in a phone interview and later a Skype interview. The Skype interview is now becoming very popular amongst employers when looking for potential candidates from another country, it is a great way for them to see you before offering you the job and is the next best thing from meeting you in person.

One of the conditions of your employment is likely to be that you can acquire a visa for your employment, this is the part of the job hunt that can become very confusing, there are various ‘tiers’ that are different types of visa depending on what you are looking to do. For example, should you wish to come to the UK as a skilled worker you will need a tier 2 visa, this requires a sponsor (the business you’d be going to work for) to enable you to get it. If you are looking to come to the UK as a temporary worker then you will need a tier 5 visa, this is mainly for people in the entertainment or sports industries that will be in the country for 12 months or less. As this can be such a confusing matter there are advice services that have been set up to help you out, IAS Immigration Advice Services have been helping out potential students and workers from international destinations for years.

Once you have got through the visa process and have a valid passport then the next two things you need to sort out are a permanent address that you’ll be based at during your stay, whether this is rented or with family doesn’t matter, it is simply a static address for tax and immigration purposes. The last thing to sort out is a UK bank account, it is essential you have a bank account in the UK as most businesses won’t entertain the idea of paying in to foreign banks for security purposes. It is a long winded process but hopefully the lure of working in the UK is big enough to get you through all of the hoops you need to jump through. Lastly, good luck with your job hunt!


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